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​​​Be the person others want to follow. Leadership training through a world famous philosophy will open your eyes to a new way of working, a new way of leading. ​

​​​​Healing to the Max 

We are committed to helping you build a workplace culture you are proud to be a part of. Since 75% of our time is spent at work or thinking about work, we are committed to helping you develop a plan to improve your workplace morale, energy and teamwork. Resiliency, employee engagement, trust, positive attitudes, connection or common goals. We will design a day your colleagues and staff will rave about. ​

Relationships can be one of the most beautiful and yet challenging aspects of our lives. One of the greatest mistakes we tend to make in our love relationships is attempt to rectify problems through two separate perspectives. When we turn to face the relationship as an entity of it's own, we begin to see it's strengths and challenges through a new light. We begin to identify commonalities and common ground which carries the power to begin to reform the foundation of the love relationship.  

Couples Counselling
Workplace Wellness

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Family Counselling
​​ Rapport  Clinical  Consulting  Group 
Leadership Training

Using a Family Systems approach we will provide a safe and comfortable environment for family members to come together. Our goal is to support the family unit to regain strength and resiliency through the challenges they face.

Individual counselling designed to support you in meeting your personal goals. We see counselling as a collaborative effort towards awareness, balance and wellbeing. All too often in Western culture we tend to identify ourselves by the problems we face. Together we will externalize the problem and highlight the strengths and abilities you possess to overcome any and all adversities.   ​

Co-creator along with the all inspiring Jill Cowan of Healing to the Max (HTTM). A therapeutic response to traumatic loss and complex grief after losing a love one to suicide. !2 week intensive grief group for parents, grandparents, or guardians. 8 week group for youth 11-18 who have lost a love one to suicide, mentorship program, resources, suicide intervention, crisis response, Healing Together Support Monthly Group  

The Rapport Clinical Consulting Group believes deeply in offering you and your loved ones quality confidential service and support. 

​"We believe the helping relationship is intricately bound with genuine honour and ethical responsibility. Being invited into another's story of hardship or uncertainty carries a profound obligation that holds a powerful opportunity for human connection and influence". Anjeanette Corbeil, 2016